Warning Signs of Suspension Trouble We Can Fix at our Birmingham Auto Shop

Warning Signs of Suspension Trouble We Can Fix at our Birmingham Auto ShopA healthy suspension plays a crucial role in ensuring that your vehicle handles smoothly and safely. At HESCO Automotive & Performance Center, our local mechanics are highly experienced with diagnosing and fixing suspension problems. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you notice any of the following signs of suspension failure.

Symptoms of a Suspension Problem

If your car starts bouncing heavily when you hit any little bump in the road, then you're likely dealing with a faulty suspension. And if you hear clunking sounds when you drive over rough terrain, then there's reason to suspect a bad spring. With a damaged spring, you may notice that your car is sitting lower in one corner.

Signs of suspension failure may arise during the braking process. With a faulty suspension, it may start feeling like your car is lunging forward at a downward angle when you hit the brakes. Also, suspension trouble can cause your car to take longer to come to a complete stop after you've begun braking.

There's also a quick test you can conduct to get a better idea of whether suspension trouble is brewing. Make sure your car is securely parked and then press down strongly on the front end before rocking it two times and letting go. After that, go to the vehicle's rear and rock it twice too. Upon letting go, your vehicle should only rock on its own two or three times. But if it rocks more than this, then it'll be worth having a mechanic take a look.

There are a couple other common signs of suspension trouble to watch out for. For one, a faulty suspension could make it feel like your vehicle is drifting when you go around corners. Also, if you see oil on your shocks, then they're probably leaking fluid. With this issue, shock replacement will likely be needed.

Suspension Repair in Birmingham, AL

When you need auto repair in Birmingham and the surrounding area, contact HESCO Automotive & Performance Center at (205) 526-3796. At our local auto shop, we can complete any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Posted: December 2021

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