Top 4 Auto Electric Problems

Top 4 Auto Electric ProblemsIf you experience any problems with your car's electrical system, such as trouble operating power accessories like seats and windows, or notice dim headlights or run into other electrical oddities, you'll want to contact an auto technician that can tackle the complex wiring and electrical system in your car. Not only does your vehicle use electricity to power its comfort features, but also to make the vehicle start and run properly. The electrical system in modern automobiles is vast and has many intricate components, which means quite a bit can go wrong, however many problems can be traced to one of the following four common auto electric issues.

Blown Fuses

One of the mofd common auto electrical problems is a blown fuse. If a specific system or electrical accessory stops working, such as the radio or blinker lights, you will want to check out the fuse. The fuse is what dictates how much power is sent to a particular system and if it is somehow overloaded the fuse will blow, requiring it to be replaced. Fortunately these fuses are cheap and simple to install.

Bad Spark Plugs or Plug Wires

A poorly running car may be having trouble with the spark plugs, which create a small explosion when fed an electrical change that ignites the motor's air/fuel mixture in order to power the pistons. If the plugs or the spark plug wires become corroded the engine will not operate correctly. Signs you may need new spark plugs include a bad idle, poor acceleration or decreased fuel efficiency.

Failed Alternator

The alternator is what runs most electrical systems and accessories while the car is being operated. The alternator is attached to a belt that is spun by the motion of the engine, which allows it to generate electricity. Excess energy created by the alternator is stored in the battery in order to power accessories while the car is off and to get the vehicle started.

Dead Battery

A dead battery is ultra common. The battery may die due to age, but more often than not it will be drained of electricity if you run the radio or lights while the engine is off, or leave a door ajar accidently, which allows for an interior light to use battery power unintentionally. If you turn the key and absolutely nothing happens, there is a good chance that the battery is dead.

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