Tips for Storing Your Classic Car for the Winter

Tips for Storing Your Classic Car for the WinterIt's the time of year when classics, hot rods and other special interest vehicles take the annual slumber. While it can be sad to park the cars we love for the winter, it's often in their best interest. As you prepare to store the vehicle you'll want to take a few steps to ensure that it is ready to go when spring rolls around. If you need assistance with your classic car car, be sure to visit a professional technician that has the ability to work on your particular vehicle.

Top off the gas

As you take your last cruise around the block before parking the vehicle for the winter you ought to swing by the gas station to top off the fuel tank. It's smart to use premium gas and add a stabilizer. The more full the tank the better, as any room in the tank allows room for air to get in, which can lead to rust and fuel contamination.

Wash the vehicle

Go ahead and give your ride a nice bath, as this will remove any dirt or dust that could cause scratches as you put on or take off a car cover.

Change the oil & filter

Clean oil will reduce the risk of contaminants working their way into the engine during the winter months. Plus, this will ensure that your car is ready to go once spring comes around.

Fill antifreeze

Ensure that your vehicle's coolant levels are full.

Inflate the tires

If you're storing the vehicle on its tires you'll want to over inflate 2-5 psi to compensate for air loss over the winter.


Some people prefer to disconnect the battery, while others use a battery retainer, that keeps it from dying. In either case, be sure to take care of the battery as you desire so it doesn't die.

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