Is it Time for Suspension Repair?

Is it Time for Suspension Repair?All vehicles are composed of multiple systems that work together in order to create a safe, comfortable and reliable ride. One of those systems, the suspension, plays an integral role in all three of those categories. The suspension not only ensure a smooth trip by absorbing the imperfections in the roadway, it also keeps your vehicle upright during cornering and allows for adequate braking power by keeping all four wheels on the ground at all times. If you suffer from any of the following suspension issues in your ride be sure to get to your auto repair specialist right away!

Roll over sensation

One of the scariest symptoms of suspension trouble is the feeling that your vehicle is going to roll over or otherwise lose control during cornering. This gut wrenching feeling will occur is the anti-sway bar, which shifts the vehicle's center of gravity during cornering, malfunctions. The first time something seems amiss be sure to head to to the repair shop to ensure you ride remains safe.

One corner of the car seems low

If you notice that one of the corners of your vehicle seems low but all tires are properly inflated there is a good chance that the suspension in that particular corner has gone soft. This means that it will no longer return the vehicle to its normal ride height because the parts have grown tired. You will notice that the car no longer can properly absorb impacts from bumps and cracks in the road and the vehicle is likely to drift toward the low corner of the car. This is a serious control issue that can also increase tire wear.

Oily struts

A great way to identify suspension trouble is by checking the struts for oil. By running your hand up and down them or just by conducting a visual inspection you may notice that a liquid is being emitted from the strut housing. This oil is utilized to help reduce the bumpiness of your ride. If the suspension becomes tired or if the struts crack or otherwise fail and this liquid begins to leak out you can bet you'll need to replace them.

Extra bouncy ride

If you suspect any sort of suspension trouble go ahead and perform this quick test to confirm. Press on the hood or the trunk of the car to get the car bouncing up and down. After 3 or 4 bounces the vehicle should return to its normal ride height and remain still. If it continues to move then it's likely time for some sort of suspension repair.

Don't hesitate to have suspension problems taken care of, as they ensure a smooth and safe ride. For expert suspension repair in Birmingham, AL head to HESCO Automotive & Performance Center. We provide full service auto repair for all makes and models. Give us a call at (205) 526-3796 to request superior car repair in Birmingham today.

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