Signs of Major Trouble Under the Hood

Signs of Major Trouble Under the HoodBy staying on top of your car's scheduled maintenance you'll be doing your part to minimize risk of major engine problems. But even if you're diligent about preventative care, it's still necessary to know the common signs of engine trouble. Having this understanding will ensure you are able to the mechanic before the problem grows worse. Here's a look at 5 signs of engine trouble that mean you should get to the shop right away.

Knocking Noise

A repetitive knocking noise coming from under the hood could be caused by a lack of lubrication and be an indication that your engine is in need of more oil. It's possible that adding oil will cure the issue, but there's also a chance that the engine bearings will need to be addressed, as they could be on the verge of failure.

Metal in Oil

When you have the oil changed be sure the technician inspects the old oil. If metal flakes are found in the oil it likely means there is excessive friction occuring, causing internal engine parts to literally wear away.

Excessive Amount of Exhaust Smoke

If you notice a lot of smoke coming out of the tailpipe be sure to pay attention to the color, as it can help determine the problem at hand. Black smoke indicates the engine is burning too much fuel. White smoke is often a sign of an internal coolant leak. If the smoke is tinted blue, you're probably burning oil.

Loss of Power

If you notice a sudden loss of performance, a rough idle or hard starting, head to the auto shop immediately. Most of the time small tune up services can remedy these types of issues.

Decreasing Gas Mileage

A reduction in fuel-efficiency can indicate all sorts of problems that range from minor to major. If you're spending more money at the gas pump than normal, get to an auto repair shop for diagnostics.

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