Must-Know Signs of Alternator Trouble

If your alternator isn't working properly, then your battery may become depleted of power to the point that you end up stranded. At the first indication of an alternator problem, it'll be best to get to the shop so the mechanic can take a look. At HESCO Automotive & Performance Center, our local mechanics are experts at identifying and addressing alternator problems. Come and see us if you notice any of the following symptoms of alternator failure.

Indications of an Alternator Problem

One common indication of alternator failure is a dead battery. But just because your battery has died doesn't automatically indicate that your alternator is malfunctioning. After all, even with a healthy alternator, your battery could die due to an issue like leaving your lights on. But when batteries that are less than three years old have died for no clear-cut reason, then there's reason to suspect an alternator problem.

A dashboard warning light may also mean that alternator trouble is brewing. This warning light may read GEN or ALT, or light up in the shape of a little battery. Anytime a warning light turns on, you'll want to determine what the underlying problem is. If you ignore it, then the issue could escalate and cause bigger trouble.

A faulty alternator can also lead to issues with electrical accessories. Today's automobiles are regularly equipped with computers that can figure out which electrical accessories should have their power supply decreased when alternator trouble is present. This preserves energy for the car's most vital electrical functions, but can cause problems with accessories like your power seats or radio.

Alternator trouble can also cause headlights to act erratically. As headlights begin to flicker or dim, it can become dangerously difficult to see the road, especially if you're driving at night on a road that isn't lined with street lamps. Alternator failure can also create a safety risk if not enough power is being sent to your spark plugs, causing your car to stall out while you're in traffic.

Auto Repair in Birmingham, AL

When you need auto repair in Birmingham, contact HESCO Automotive & Performance Center at (205) 526-3796. At our nearby auto shop, we can complete any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Posted: September 2021

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