How do I know if My Car Needs Transmission Repair?

How do I know if My Car Needs Transmission Repair?The transmission is one of the most intricate mechanical systems in your vehicle. Its main duty is transferring the power created by the engine to the wheels. It does this via the driveline. Like all parts of your car it will require routine maintenance to remain in great working condition. If you deny your car of this much needed service it will likely begin to have major problems. The following are 6 signs of transmission failure that mean you need to head to the auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Grinding gear noises

For many people the first issue that they experience is a grinding gear noise that occurs while the transmission is shifting gears. This can happen on both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. Any strange noises that occur while driving should be investigated by a professional mechanic.

Whining sound

If you drive an automatic transmission car, truck or SUV and it produces a whining sound while in gear there is a good chance that the needle pins within the torque converter are wearing out. Head to the transmission shop before the issue grows worse.

Check engine light

The check engine light doesn't illuminate for only engine problems. There are hundreds of things that can trigger the light, so don't hesitate to have diagnostics ran to see what the issue is. One of the most common transmission problems that will cause the light to turn on is low transmission fluid levels.

Pops out of gear

A dangerous symptom of transmission trouble is if you manual transmission suddenly falls out of gear or pops into neutral while driving. This issue prevents you from having proper control of your car, which may lead to an accident. Get to the shop ASAP!

High revving while shifting

If your vehicle's engine revs high as the transmission shifts there is a good chance that the tranny is low on fluid or suffering from some other problem.

Visible transmission fluid leak

One of the most obvious problems is if the transmission is leaking fluid. Transmission fluid is generally red in color and will leak directly under the transmission. Running a transmission that is low on fluid can be disastrous.

If you believe your car is suffering from transmission issues, don't hesitate to visit a shop. The longer you wait, the more expensive the repairs will get. To schedule transmission repair in Birmingham visit the team at HESCO Automotive and Performance Center. Our auto repair team is skilled at identifying and fixing all types of issues. At the first sign of a problem, give us a call (205) 526-3796 to make an appointment for expert auto repair in Birmingham.

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