Great Auto Maintenance and Driving Tips to Increase MPGs

Great Auto Maintenance and Driving Tips to Increase MPGsAll vehicles require routine auto maintenance in order to remain in healthy condition. These services will help reduce the chances of a breakdown and save you hundreds of dollars compared to the cost of extensive engine and other auto repairs which may be necessary if maintenance is not completed. But conducting factory services also helps ensure maximum fuel efficiency. When routine auto maintenance is combined with good driving habits you can get the most out of your fuel tank. Here's a few tips that will take you those extra miles.

Drive the Speed Limit

Be sure to follow the posted speed limit, especially on the freeway. For every 5 miles an hour that you travel over 55 you may lose 2 to 3 miles per gallon or more. Besides, the speed limit is the law!

Remove Excess Weight

Before hitting the road for any extended drive be sure to take out any tools, work supplies or any other items that will weigh down your vehicle that you're not going to be using on your trip. For every 100 pounds that is added to the weight of your vehicle you can lose 1 to 2% in fuel economy, or more.

Don't Use Cartop Carriers

Cartop carriers create a wind barrier that will greatly reduce your fuel economy. Try using a trunk mounted carrier or rearrange the interior to see if you can fit more items inside. Even a small trailer will likely cause less of a decline to your MPGs.

Avoid Long Idles

If you pull over to see a roadside attraction be sure to turn your car off. There's no reason to let your car idle. Many people are under the impression that it takes large amounts of gasoline to start your vehicle and they can save gas by letting the car run for short amounts of time. This simply isn't true for modern cars, and it's also bad for the environment!

Change the Air Filter

Your vehicle utilizes a mixture of gasoline and air to create a combustible cocktail that powers the engine. If the air filter is clogged the engine will burn more gasoline than necessary to compensate, causing it to run rich and greatly reducing your fuel efficiency.

nstall New Spark Plugs

Another maintenance service that you can complete is installing new spark plugs. This generally needs to be done approximately every 30,000 miles. If spark plugs become dirty or corroded they may misfire, which will waste large amounts of gasoline.

Make sure your vehicle is current on all its maintenance needs. If you need factory scheduled auto maintenance in Birmingham or the surrounding Alabama communities be sure to reach out to HESCO Automotive. Our skilled auto maintenance and repair technicians will ensure your car is running at peak performance! Give our team a call at (205) 526-3796 to request an appointment for professional auto maintenance in Birmingham today.

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