4 Signs of Failing Suspension

4 Signs of Failing SuspensionWhile you may believe all the suspension does is keep your car ride comfortable, it is actually tasked with more important tasks. While it does indeed ease the roughness of the road under the tires, it is doing so while also preventing the wheels from coming off the ground, thus providing you with ultimate braking power at all times. The suspension also shifts the car's center of gravity while cornering to prevent the vehicle from rolling over. So while the comfort is nice, the safety is necessary, which is why you should visit an auto repair shop if you notice any of the following signs of suspension trouble.

One corner of the car is lower than the rest

If a shock or a strut grows weak it may collapse on itself, which will make it look like your car has a flat tire, but without it actually being flat. This can cause your car to drift to one side, making it difficult to control while also exacerbating tire wear. You'll want to replace the suspension on both sides of the car at this point to ensure your vehicle doesn't suffer the same fate twice.

Oil on the struts

If you do believe the struts or hydraulic shocks have grown tired it may be because it has cracked its housing or a seal, resulting in oil leaking from it. Rub a rag along it to see if you can spot this oil.

Rolling sensation

One of the scarier symptoms of suspension trouble is a rolling sensation that can occur as you go around a bend. As mentioned the suspension, when healthy, shifts the car's center of gravity while cornering. This is done by the anti-sway bar, so if that part should fail you very well could end up tipped over if you go around a bend too quickly.

Excessive bouncing

If you believe that your vehicle's suspension is not carrying your car as it should you can perform a quick little test that will give you a better idea of the parts. Push on the hood or trunk of the vehicle to get it to start bouncing up and down. Once you stop pressing the car should return to a stable position within three to four bounces if the suspension is healthy. If it bounces much more than that you may want to visit an auto shop for further diagnostics.

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