5 Common Symptoms of Transmission Trouble

5 Common Symptoms of Transmission TroubleWhile it is the engine that creates the power that moves your car, it's the transmission that gets that power to the wheels, which it does via the driveshaft. Trouble with the transmission, which can start due to mechanical failure, computer related problems or a lack of scheduled maintenance, can result in your vehicle being unable to move, in a worst case scenario. To ensure that your car's trouble doesn't get to that point be sure to visit your local auto shop if you notice any of the following signs of transmission problems.

Grinding Noises

One of the first issues you may encounter if the transmission is just beginning to have issues operating is a grinding noise that occurs as it shifts through the gears. Strange noises almost always mean trouble for any system in the car. As related to the transmission, this could indicate low levels of transmission fluid or a mechanical issue.

Delayed Shifting

An automatic transmission should essentially glide through the gears without notice. If your vehicle's engine seems to rev high as it shifts between forward gears, particularly during rapid acceleration, you need to head to the shop. This is a dangerous issue, as it prevents you from being able to properly control your car's power.

Erratic Shifting

Aside from delayed shifting you need to pay attention to erratic shifting. Unnecessary gear shifts are often a problem related to the transmission's computer system. In a manual transmission you may encounter the shifter simply popping into neutral. This may be due to a need for a clutch replacement.

Won't go into Gear

A more obvious sign of transmission trouble is if you simply can't get into one or more gears. Unfortunately this issue may require more extensive repairs, such as a transmission rebuild or replacement.

Transmission Fluid Leak

One of the most visual clues that your vehicle is suffering from transmission issues is a transmission fluid leak. Transmission fluid is reddish in color and will leak from the forward half of your car. If you ever spot anything dripping from your car it is smart to let a professional mechanic run further diagnostics to ensure the leak is stopped.

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