Common Auto Trouble Diagnosed by Sound

Common Auto Trouble Diagnosed by SoundThere are many ways that a car will let you know that it is suffering from some sort of problem. It may illuminate a dashboard indicator light, there could be a leak of a fluid, or something may be shaking or vibrating, all of these should warrant a trip to the auto shop. Another symptom of trouble that is fairly common is an odd noise that occurs while driving. Should you encounter any weird noises, it's best to let a professional technician run diagnostics, but depending on what you're doing when the noise is heard, you can often figure out what is wrong. The following are a few of the most common issues that are diagnosed by the sounds they make.

Squealing Brakes

If you press the brake pedal and hear a grinding or squealing noise, there is a good chance that the brake pads are worn low. It's important to have the pads replaced as soon as possible, as low brake pads can lead to other problems, such as warped rotors and decreased braking power.

Grinding Gears

A grinding noise that can be heard when your vehicle shifts through the gears is often due to low levels of transmission fluid. This may be accompanied by leaking fluid, which will collect as a red puddle under your car.

Knocking Engine

The engine bearings are what the moving parts of the motor rest on to allow them to move freely. If the bearings become worn out due to high mileage or poor lubrication they will begin to make a knocking noise that rises and falls with the engine RPMs. This issue needs to be addressed ASAP, because if not serviced, the engine could cease, resulting in a need for major repair.

Increased Engine Noise

Does your car's engine suddenly seem much louder, particularly while accelerating? This is a good sign that your car is suffering from an exhaust leak. Part of the exhaust's job is to decrease engine noise, and a leak will cause that noise to be exacerbated.

Clicking Starter

The starter motor is what gets the engine spinning when the key is turned in the ignition. If the starter is failing you will often hear a loud click or a series of clicks when you turn the key, but the engine won't spin. What you're hearing is the starter actuating its pinion gear, but not spinning it.

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